Beauvais Airport Shuttle

Beauvais Airport Shuttle

Save by sharing: 8 seater shuttle service to and from the "Ryanair airport" 

Beauvais Airport ShuttleBeauvais Airport, which is also known by the nickname "the Ryanair Airport," is one of the airports that is most frequently used by European tourists who are travelling to the famous "City of Light."  Beauvais is a French district that lies approximately 120 kilometres from Paris.  The airport belonging to this small municipality has three Arrivals Terminals and a variety of different public transport services connecting with the capital.  However, the only service that combines comfort and competitive pricing is the Beauvais Airport Shuttle.  Sharing your transfer with a maximum of 8 people means you will arrive at your accommodation in comfort without the usual stresses of having to deal with your luggage and the tedious changes on public transport.   

The Best Service

  Save Money: from 16,85 euro for person;

  Average transfer duration: 90 minutes;

  Shared service with up to 8 passengers;

  Shuttle service to accommodation in Disneyland.

Why should you choose the shuttle service? 

What is the best way in which to start a holiday?  Arriving at the airport knowing that someone is waiting to meet you!  Book the Beauvais Airport Shuttle Service now and a driver will be waiting for you in front of the information desk in your arrivals hall, ready to accompany you to your accommodation.  Share your journey and save money: select the 8 seater shuttle for your airport transfers. 

Description of the shuttle service 

With the regular bus service, if you are not fortunate enough to be staying somewhere that is close to a bus stop, you may end up walking a long way and having to change on to different lines whilst dragging your suitcases from one stop to the next.  In addition to this, on the regular bus service, the suitcases are stored in the trunk and quite often, this is done quickly and quite carelessly which may result in some damage to your luggage.  So, forget about the stresses of using public transport, with the shuttle service both you and your luggage will arrive at your accommodation in good condition, just as if you were travelling in your own car. How does the service work? A driver will collect you at the arrivals hall of the terminal in which you land, (in front of the information point), and will take you to your accommodation or whatever destination you have specified. Just imagine the comforts of a Taxi but sharing the vehicle with other passengers, (up to a maximum of 8). Take the decision to travel without any worries in the easiest and most convenient style: choose the airport shuttle service.

Can I also book the return journey? 

The shuttle service operates across all the Parisian airports as well as Disneyland Paris.  In order to book a return journey, all you have to do is click on the button that says, "Yes, I want a return" on the reservation form. Any customers who book an arrival and departure will be eligigle to receive a small discount on the price of the return journey. At what time should I request the pick-up from my hotel?  If your flight is leaving from Beauvais Airport, given the distance and the significant volumes of traffic in the capital, it is vital that you book your pick-up with the shuttle for at least 4 hours prior to the time of your flight's departure. For example, if your flight is leaving from Beauvais at 11:00, then you should request a pick-up on the booking form of 07:00. If your flight is leaving from Beauvais at 08:00 or earlier, it will not be possible to use the shuttle service as it only operates from 05:00 in the morning.


The cost of the service will depend on the number of passengers who are travelling at the same time as you.  The more people travelling together, the more you will save. If you are travelling with your family, including children, the child's car seat is always included in the price. We can guarantee you an extremely punctual transfer without any worries and without getting tired because we believe in the service we offer and we believe in the importance of customer satisfaction.  We will add value to your holiday and we will pay you the attention you deserve with a service that is focussed on the customer, in English.

Service Timetable 

The shuttle service is in operation all year round, including public holidays, from 05:00 to 21:30 hours.  When a reservation is made for a return journey, the driver will send the customer a text message to advise the exact time at which he will arrive to collect them from their accommodation.  If the pick-up has been booked for 07:00, the driver will send an SMS in advance confirming the exact time of collection, for example, at 07:10.

  Product code: SHT-BP;

  Available every day from 05:00 to 21:30.

from 9€