Tour Paris by car

Tour Paris by car

Tour around Paris with a private driver

Paris Tour

Amongst the largest, most densely populated and most influential cities in the world, Paris attracts approximately 26 million visitors every year.  It is where the international head quarters of UNESCO is based and has the largest financial centre of all the countries in the Eurozone.

But Paris isn't just about this, it is also the city of love and the city for lovers and with its numerous places of both historical and cultural interest, the city is full of tourists of every kind, virtually every day of the year.  You don't really need a lot of reasons to justify a visit to the French capital.  With its metropolitan area that welcomes more than 12 million inhabitants during rush hour, the capital is transformed into a uniform mass of workers, students and tourists making it quite difficult for a visitor to get their bearings when visiting the city for the first time. All this is not a problem, however, with the service of a private car tour in Paris. Forget about public transport, having to wait at bus or metro stops, the busyness of the capital and trying to find your bearings. An expert driver who knows the city like the back of his hand will drive you wherever you want to go so you don't have to worry about any of the above.


  • Visit the most beautiful places in the "City of Light" with a private tour by car;
  • Know the cost in advance and you will not be surprised at the end of the service!;
  • Expert drivers;
  • Choose where to stop and for how long in accordance with your wishes!;
  • You pay only a small deposit in advance;
  • Pay the balance directly to the driver;
  • Prices starting from € 30 per person!

What can I visit, through the service Tour Paris by Car, can make available to any customer who wants to visit the most beautiful and most famous places in the "City of Light" a personalised car service with a driver. Visit everything you want to see at a time that suits you! A driver will take you to the most beautiful and most romantic places in the French capital: places that you can select yourself or that you may have been recommended to visit. Do you want to see the cathedral of Notre-Dame? The Eiffel Tower? And then on to the Pyramid at the Louvre? With your private driver, you will arrive wherever you wish without any worries and you can stop wherever you like. You choose the timings of your stops: take a photo, visit a museum, climb the tower. It is up to you which places to visit. Not sure what to visit because the choice is so vast? Don't worry, below you will find the most popular itinerary on this page!


Four good reasons to choose a tour by car

  • Visit the most beautiful attractions in Paris;
  • Private driver;
  • Pick up at your accommodation;
  • Just pay a small deposit in advance to lock in the reservation.


In addition to central Paris...

In addition to a tour of the centre of Paris, we can also propose a visit to one of the Chateaux on the Loire, Versailles, Fontainebleau and Mont Saint Michel. These are just some of the enchanting places that are close to the French capital.

In excess of 300 chateaux were built by various French kings from the 10th century onwards, providing marvellous evidence of fabled times and epochs of luxury, and then there are the splendours of the Loire Valley which is situated in central France. And let's not forget about the majestic palace of Versailles, a rich and glowing tribute to the famous "Sun King". In other words - there are so many wonderful places to see. Another place of enchantment is Fontainebleau, a rural hunting retreat of the French kings or somewhere breath-taking like the famous Mont Saint-Michel. The latter, which is situated in Normandy and is home to the monastery dedicated to St. Michael the Archangel, is famous for its high and low tides which make for spectacular views of the bay with the combination of the beauties of Mother Nature and this man-made architectural masterpiece.

How long does the tour last?

You can choose the duration of your tour at the time of booking. When filling out the form on this page, you can indicate your preference between a tour by car that lasts for either four or eight hours. A driver will collect you straight from your accommodation (or anywhere else in central Paris) and he will then take care of everything else. Let yourself be guided by a professional and well-prepared driver who knows the city like the back of his hand. If, at the end of the tour, you wish to be driven back to your accommodation, you will simply have to ask your driver.

How many attractions can I visit?

The number of attractions that can be visited will vary in accordance with the client's requirements.  For example, if you want to stay for a longer time at the Eiffel Tower, the driver will wait in the car for the duration of your visit, but, this will obviously take some time off the next scheduled stop. Choose where to stop and for how long in accordance with your wishes!  If you want to visit the greatest number of attractions you can, this will be possible but the stops at each venue will be shorter.

Complete Freedom

You can visit everything you want to see in complete comfort thanks to the expert drivers who won't fail to choose the best routes, enabling you to get from your accommodation to the spectacular places of interest you have chosen to see in the shortest possible time. The Tour Paris by Car Service makes it possible for anyone who wants to arrange a fabulous trip in France to choose the car (depending on the number of passengers) and the driver (English or French speaking) they want. Your driver will be responsible for collecting you from wherever you are staying which means you can avoid being overwhelmed by the frenetic traffic in the French capital. An unforgettable trip without any dramas or stress.  With this service by car, you will have the chance to really enjoy the splendid sights you are scheduled to visit in a relaxed and comfortable style. 

The most commonly requested itinerary by car

The majority of people who choose a car tour, organise a pick-up directly from where they are staying. By doing this, you will start your tour in a relaxed fashion without having to worry about the intricacies of Parisian public transport. In general, we would probably say that the most commonly requested itinerary for a tour around Paris by car is definitely the one that lasts for four hours, with visits that last on average 30 minutes at each stop. The most popular stops are: Notre Dame Cathedral, the Pyramid at the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower from the Champs de Mars and the Ópera Garnier. If you are also interested in visiting the interior of any of the attractions, the driver will await you outside for the duration of your visit but, obviously, this will reduce the time you are able to spend at the next venues. Our advice is to book tickets in advance and make sure you choose the option to "Jump the Queue", which you can find on this page: Paris Attractions Tickets.

Book a tour by filling out fhe form

Paris tour by car

It's really easy! All you have to do is choose on the booking form which option suits you best. And, to finish off, there is the option for you to choose and personally organise your own tour which you must do at least two days in advance if you wish to change the tour that has already been proposed. So, it will be up to the client, if they so wish, to put together the itinerary they want.

Visiting just the centre of Paris and doing so on foot means running the risk of missing out on many of the places which you should be able to tell your family and friends about when you return home, and there won't be any spectacular photos to show them either! So, what are you waiting for? Book your Tour of Paris by Car now! 

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  •   Availability every day by reservation

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