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Paris Attractions Tickets

This article is dedicated to all lovers of comfortable, well-organised and time-saving travel. In fact, buying tickets in advance saves you time and avoids long queues at the entrance to the attractions. Our advice is to book online, not only to jump the queues under the sudden rain (typical in Paris) or under the burning summer sun, considering that it is the city of lights, Paris is one of the most visited European capitals in the world and you could lose time in long queues risking that when you arrive at your turn, the tickets are sold out. In this article you will have the opportunity to start discovering the attractions through the advice of experts and visitors who have already been there. So that you don't miss out on any of the most beautiful attractions in the French capital. Here is a list of the attractions that can really make your trip special. Become a savvy traveler, book tickets to attractions now and jump the queue.

Top 10 Must See Attractions

For those of you who are only staying a short time but want to see the best of Paris, here is a list of must-see attractions. Keep in mind that they are the most special ones, and also the ones with the longest lines.

  • The Louvre Museum: It is impossible to go to Paris and not visit " The Mona Lisa ". Skip the queues at the Louvre by buying your tickets to the Louvre Museum in English now;
  • Musée d'Orsay: The best masterpieces of Impressionism await you inside a completely modernised old railway station. Jump the queues and save energy to fully enjoy your visit to one of the most famous museums in Europe. Fill in the form in English and buy your tickets easily;
  • Centre Pompidou: One of the most visited and sought-after attractions in Paris! Inside you will find the largest collection of modern and contemporary art in Europe and on the top floor you can enjoy one of the most beautiful views of the city;
  • The Eiffel Tower: Beautiful from any perspective, but especially from its summit! Climb to the top by skipping the endless queue that is created at its feet by buying tickets to the Eiffel Tower in English;
  • Arc de Triomphe: A majestic and imposing Napoleonic symbol, which makes the Champ Elysées walk even more special. Climb over 50 metres and be surprised by the breathless view from the terrace. The line is really long and you risk giving up your visit to see it! That is why we recommend you not to miss this opportunity by buying your tickets to the Arc de Triomphe in advance;
  • Tourist Bus: Visit Paris on a double-decker bus. Metros? Changing stops? Save time; get more of an experience! Tickets are available immediately, by buying your Tourist Bus tickets online for Paris;
  • Cruise on the Seine: Admire the lights on board a cruise on the Seine. The most romantic and typical way to discover the city. Skip the queues and start your visit immediately by buying the Seine River Cruise tickets;
  • Disneyland Paris: Experience the Disney classics with your kids. Give them a dream and a unique experience that they will never forget. Book comfortably from your home and in a few clicks enjoy your experience in Disneyland park;
  • The Palace of Versailles + Skip the line + Audio guide in English: A real treat for anyone who wants to visit the grandeur and magnificence of the Palace of Versailles. Skip the line and visit the entire site with the audio guide in your language. Start now with the ticket to the Palace;

Useful tips

Is this the second time you've visited Paris? Are you looking for something different and original to visit? Continue on the page and look for the attraction you want among dozens of suggestions. In addition, inside each specific article you will find all the details needed to get to the site, the best times to visit and the opportunity to tell us about your experience.