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Lloret de Mar Taxi

transfers from Lloret de mar to Barcelona, Girona, Reus and other destinations

Taxi in Lloret de Mar

Catalonia and the entire Costa Brava never stop surprising. There are beautiful and never ending beaches to be visited in all the destinations of the region that overlooks the Mediterranean coast. A small village about 80km north east of the catalan capital has become an important touristic destination for both the young and the not so young. This is Lloret de Mar, a small touristic village of about 40 thousand inhabitants.

Its favourable position from a touristic and communicative point of view makes it a summer attraction for whoever is in Catalonia. 40 km south of Girona airport, 90 km east of El Prat airport and about 100 km from Reus airport, this village can be easily reached from any part of Spain and Europe.

The situation can change radically when travelling to or from Girona-Barcelona airport.

In the last 20 years Lloret de Mar has received much touristic influence from Barcelona and all Catalonia becoming a great place to visit for all young people who wish to have fun day and night. In 1990 its population was of three thousands inhabitants but nowdays its of about thirtynine thousand.

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Lloret de Mar Girona taxi

As previously mentioned Lloret de mar is surrounded by many important airports.

Taxileader.net provides different types of transport to and from Lloret de Mar depending on which airport you wish to reach. The first is the Lloret de Mar Reus taxi service. Reus airport is about 100 km west of the village and its possible to reach it thanks to a journey in a chaffeur driven car that will take you along all the Costa Brava giving you the chance to see beautiful seaside views and many reservoirs.

The second is for anyone who decides to land in Barcelona, in El Prat airport, about 75 km east of Lloret de mar. This option is the El Prat Lloret de Mar taxi and its a great choice for whoever wishes to visit Barcelona before having fun in the sun in Lloret de Mar.

Lastly, the third service is the Girona Lloret de mar taxi. This is the best option because the airport is only about 35 km north of Lloret and therefore easy and fast to reach for whoever wishes to dive into the wonderful beaches of the Costa Brava north of Barcelona.

Obviously booking this service is very simple. Taxileader.net allows you to book through a simple online form from which you can also choose the type of car, its size and the time at which you wish to be picked up, you can also choose your destination and there are various other options that allow a perfect and professional transfer.

From today its also possible to decide if the taxi should have the official colours of the city o region which are yellow and black in Barcelona, white in Lloret de Mar or the red and yellow of the catalan flag (this is used only in some places). You can also go for the classic taxi which is much cheaper.This can all be done by paying a small deposit or the entire fee before hand. If you decide to pay only the deposit the remaining fee will be payed directly to your driver. Lloret de Mar awaits!


Customer Service Monday to Friday from 8am-4pm (GMT) 0044 (0) 20 3239 1595.

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