Casa Milà Tickets

Entry Tickets for the Casa Milà: La Pedrera

Visit one of Gaudí's most famous works

Terraza de la  Pedrera

This is exactly the same as for the entry tickets to the Casa Batlló.  It would also appear, at first glance, that the entry tickets to La Pedrera are quite expensive but satisfaction with the visit is 100% guaranteed.  This is truly something that you cannot afford to miss if you want to see the very best of what Barcelona has to offer.  This extraordinary building will most certainly astonish you in its entirety but, most of all, for its large terrace on the building's top floor along with all the rooms which are furnished in period style.

Bear in mind that:

  •  An Adult entry ticket costs €24.00;
  •  Average duration of a visit is 2 hours;
  •  "Skip the Queue" and enjoy your visit to La Pedrera, another astonishing work by Antoni Gaudí
  •  Best days to visit: Thursdays and Fridays;
  •  Open every day;
  •  Buying tickets in advance is strongly recommended as there can be long queues at the ticket office.

What to expect from your visit

La Pedrera, which is situated on Carrer de la Provença, is just a stone's throw from the famous Passèig de Gràcia, one of the city's most important streets which is also renowned for being the setting for another architectural masterpiece of Gaudí's, the Casa Batlló. The building's façade doesn't attract attention because of its colour but draws the eye of every passer-by because of its undulating forms and its wealth of wrought iron decorations.  A large part of the building is still inhabited but you can visit certain parts of the building such as the terrace, one of the apartments - which has rooms that are decorated with period furnishings and the cellars which adjoin the musuem.  When you enter the interior of the building, your eyes will be drawn immediately to the stunning colours on the terrace, the undulating shapes in the museum, the rich decoration on the walls and the unusual structure of the doors - all of which show off the sensational artistic genius of their creator.  Deciding to visit La Pedrera entails visiting one of the most beautiful and most famous works by the Catalan architect but it also involves a leap backwards into the history of another period when you see the furnishings and the decorations of another time.  It is also possible to visit one of the kitchens which has been preserved as it was originally, including the pots and pans of another era.  You will be enchanted by the unique beauty of the the building as well as by the hidden surprises which you will discover on the roof terrace! 

Types of entry tickets

On this page, in addition to the standard entry tickets with the "Skip the Queue" feature included, you can also choose from two othe types of entry tickets: 

  •  Entry tickets for the "Magic Nights" are highly recommended for anyone who enjoys watching the sunset with live music in the background as they sip a delicious glass of Cava; 
  •  The other alternative is the "Be the First" option which is perfect for those who prefer the early mornings and a more peaceful experience before the vast majority of tourists arrive. 

How to buy your tickets on-line

  •  Select the date on which you wish to make your visit on the calendar;
  •  Insert the time at which you would like to start your visit, (at 30 minute intervals) and click on the "Book Now" button;
  •  Insert the type of ticket you require and the number you wish to purchase;
  •  Complete the personal details for your booking or log-in with Facebook or Google;
  •  Effect payment for the tickets via your preferred payment method and receive your tickets immediately to your email address;
  •  On the day of your visit, show your entry tickets on your smartphone at the entrance to La Pedrera.

What's included

  •  "Skip the Queue" at the entrance; 
  •  An Audio-guide;
  •  Entry tickets on your smartphone are acceptable;
  •  Visit the various rooms and the roof terrace;
  •  Product Code: TCK-PG;