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Taxi between Amsterdam and Eindhoven

Minivan and taxi booking between Amsterdam and Eindhoven

Taxi between Amsterdam and Eindhoven

Amsterdam, also called the "Venice of the North". Since 2010 it has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Dutch capital, has always offered more than one good reason for tourists to visit it. A truly cultural destination of great interest for travellers, it has important museums and art galleries. Among these, it is worth mentioning: Rijksmuseum State Museum, the Van Gogh Museum and the Rembrandt House Museum. Amsterdam is a multi-ethnic multi-religious and inter-cultural city, truly Amsterdam manages to attract many young tourists from around the world, perhaps because they view it as the capital of transgression. In the Netherlands the use of cannabis is widely tolerated. Not surprisingly, for decades there has been a trade boom of the famous coffee shops where you can buy and/or smoke marijuana and its derivatives. Moreover, a prostitute in the Netherlands is regarded as a normal worker, and therefore subject to payment of taxes and duties as any freelancer. A very famous area in the city centre is the "red light district"!

For those reasons Amsterdam is one of the most visited places in Europe especially by travelers aged between 15 and 40. For this reason many tourists use Eindhoven Airport to reach it. In fact, this airport, has the second largest passengers turnout of all the Netherlands, home to almost all the existing low cost airlines of Europe, being able to offer direct low cost flights. Which of course is not the case for the other airport in Amsterdam.

Eindhoven is about 120km south of the Dutch capital. However, there are many ways to reach the "Venice of the North". Buses, trains and taxis are running no stop. The only real problem is that often the train and bus stations are being targeted by all sorts of shoplifters and thieves, who take advantage of tired tourists, who are busy with luggage and direction signs. Also, public transport does not always take us near the place or destination we want to reach, in this way we may waste time and money. Risking to spend more time on public transport rather than admiring the various attractions of the city is quite a possibility.

For these reasons Taxileader.net, makes available its service "Eindhoven Amsterdam taxi service" to anyone who wants to arrange a convenient, economical and intelligent transfer from Eindhoven to Amsterdam. It is the customer, who through a few clicks on the booking form, decides the dates of departure to and from the airport, the type of car and driver. Most important, is that the driver will pick up directly at the arrival gate exit, making himself recognized with a placard bearing the name of the customer. No queue, no taxi sharing with unknown people.

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Eindhoven-Amsterdam taxi

You will be taken on a trip of less than one hour, among the spectacular country plains and Dutch windmills into the heart of the capital, maybe right in front of your chosen accommodation. Select the service "Eindhoven-Amsterdam taxi" which allows you to have a personalized service and far better prices than anyone who decides to hire a car.

When you meet the service conditions, the price quoted during the booking process will never change in case of delays. For those who do not particularly like to use the computer, there is a customer service line, and this allows anyone to make their own reservation by phone. As easy as that!


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