Acropolis Museum Tickets

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Acropolis Museum Tickets

How to avoid queues when visiting Athens's most important museum

Biglietti del Museo dell’AcropoliAcropolis museum tickets allow you to visit one of the most popular museums in the world without wasting time queuing at the ticket office. This famous museum showcases a number of historic Greek artifacts coming from all around Greece but especially from the excavations of nearby Acropolis. These artifacts are evidence of the various styles of Classical art throughout the centuries. In addition, Acropolis museum tickets purchased from this website will also give you access to the numerous temporary exhibitions. 

Acropolis museum information

The Acropolis museum is one of the most popular museums in the world in which as previously mentioned, one can find artifacts belonging to different periods of ancient Greek art.  In the museum one can admire the perfectly preserved original polychrome statues found in the Acropolis.  One will also be able to find a number of exhibitions related to the period starting from the 5th century BC to the 5th century AD which enable one to appreciate the different styles.  Among the most famous statues one will be able to admire the Moscophoros, the 5 original Erechtheion caryatids, the Peplos Kore, the Mourning Athena's relief and a reconstruction of the Parthenon frieze. The latter is made up of original frieze portions and copies of those exhibited at the British Museum. From the museum's windows one will be able to marvel at the view of the Acropolis excavations, thus appreciating the interaction between two of the most important sites in Greece.

Adult 6,9 euro;

Free entrance for visitors under 18 (ID card or passport are required);

Skip the line tickets included;

Permanent + temporary exhibitions entrance;

Duration of visit: 2 hours;

All visitors are subject to an obligatory security check;

Tickets instantly available on your smartphone;

Available from 9:00 to 17:00 on weekdays and 9.00 to 20.00 on weekends;

Entrance at the hour of your choice.

Why purchase tickets online

Purchasing tickets online allows a smooth entry to the attractions without having to waste time in ticket office lines. The Acropolis Museum is one of the most remarkable museums worldwide and is surely the one which holds the largest Greek art collection of different periods and styles.  Thousands visit the museum everyday and for this reason the queue at the ticket office could be very long, depending on the time and season.  Choosing to buy the Acropolis Museum tickets online will save you precious time which you can use to enjoy the museum itself and maybe even to include a visit to the stunning Acropolis.  Even in this case, buying Acropolis Tickets online is recommended. 

How to book your Acropolis Museum tickets

Booking your Acropolis Museum tickets is very easy:

  • Choose the date of your visit;
  • Select the number of participants, paying attention to the age groups which benefit from free entrance;
  • Provide your personal details (even through Facebook) which are essential for your purchase;
  • Settle payment using either a credit card, prepaid card or Pay Pal.

Useful tips

The Museum is very close to the Acropolis, to fully understand all the periods of Greek art it is highly recommended to visit both archeological sites. Thanks to the possibility of booking skip the line tickets, one can optimize time and program a visit to both sites o the same day.  Apart from purchasing the Acropolis Museum tickets, it is recommended to also buy the guided tour of the Acropolis.  Visiting these sites is fundamental to discover the soul of Athens and indulge in the essence of Greek art.  Visiting the Acropolis and its Museum is a marvellous but also challenging experience.  It is highly recommended to wear adequate clothes and shoes and to protect yourself from the sun.