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Athens is a very lively, ever changing capital; the birthplace of classical art, the city which best represents Greece. In Athens one can find countless sites of historical and cultural importance and visiting them requires time and organisation. To visit the most important sites such as the Acropolis, the Temple of Olympian Zeus and the Acropolis Museum one would very often have to wait,sometimes for hours, in very long queues. To avoid queues at ticket offices, it is therefore very much recommended to buy tickets for Athens's attractions online. One may also be able to purchase an audio guide or even be accompanied by a professional guide who will assist and provide all the information during the visit. The latter option has the double advantage of saving precious time and obtaining in depth information during each visit.

Buying Athens tickets online

Buying Athens tickets from our website is very simple and fast. Once the visit of interest is chosen, one just has to choose the date from the calendar and the time, when needed. Once date and time have been chosen, one needs to indicate the number of participants, specifying whether they are adults or children. At this stage of the booking one will see the ticket specifications as well as the total cost which can be paid either by credit card or a prepaid card. The ticket will be received immediately by email and can be downloaded on your phone for easy access at the ticket office.

Useful tips

Below you will find a complete list of Athens's most popular attractions which can be purchased online from our website. Choose your favourite sites and if you wish you can always opt for an Athens Guide service available in English. Before confirming your booking please make sure to read carefully all the terms of purchase, verify what is included in the ticket as well as any recommendations and rules for the visit since in some places it is considered essential to wear adequate clothing.


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