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How to organise a trip to Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik, the pearl of the Adriatic, attracts a steady stream of tourists each year eager to immerse themselves in its thousand-year history and natural wonders. With its medieval walls, cobbled streets and the crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic Sea, this Croatian city enchants and captivates visitors from every corner of the globe. In this comprehensive travel guide, we explore how to plan a visit to Dubrovnik, finding out about the necessary documents, the prevailing language, the climate, transport schedules and the best places to visit.

Documents needed

Before setting off on a trip to Dubrovnik, it is very important to have the various necessary documents in order to avoid any unpleasant problems during the trip. For citizens coming from outside the EU, a passport is a must, while for EU citizens, it is sufficient to have with you an identity card that is valid for expatriation and not expired for the duration of your stay.

Language and culture

In Dubrovnik, the predominant language is Croatian, but most of the population is fluent in English, especially in the tourist industry. However, learning a few basic phrases in the local language can be useful to show respect for the culture and make communication more effective, living the cultural experience 100 per cent.


The climate in Dubrovnik is typically Mediterranean, with hot, dry summers and mild winters. During the summer months, temperatures can easily exceed 30 degrees Celsius, while in winter they hover around 10-15 degrees. It is advisable to prefer light clothes during the summer and to bring a jumper or light jacket for cooler evenings in winter.

Transport and business hours

Dubrovnik offers an efficient public transport system, including buses and taxis. Transport timetables may vary depending on the season and destinations, so it is advisable to check bus timetables yourself and plan your travels with them in mind. Shops generally follow opening hours of 9:00 to 13:00 and 15:00 to 19:00, with some exceptions for tourist shops that may stay open longer.

Top 10 places to visit

Exploring the city of Dubrovnik is a fascinating adventure with a wide range of attractions to discover. Here is a selection of the best places to visit in the city:

  • Top 10 paid places not to be missed for any reason:
    1. The Walls of Dubrovnik;
    2. The Fort of St Lawrence;
    3. The Dubrovnik Maritime Museum;
    4. The Gallery of Modern Art;
    5. The Dubrovnik Cathedral;
    6. The Rector's Palace;
    7. The Museum of Folk Arts and Traditions;
    8. The Museum of Natural History;
    9. The Franciscan Monastery;
    10. The Minceta Fortress.
  • Top 10 free places to visit before leaving Dubrovnik:
    1. The Stradun (Placa);
    2. The Banje Beach;
    3. The Old Port of Dubrovnik;
    4. The Church of St Blaise;
    5. Mount Srd;
    6. The Onofrio Fountain;
    7. Gradac Park;
    8. The Revelin Fortress;
    9. The Lovrijenac Bridge;
    10. The Dubrovnik Riva.

As you immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere of Dubrovnik, let yourself be transported by the timeless beauty of this enchanting city. Every stone of its ancient walls and every wave that caresses its beaches tells a story full of charm and mystery. Whether you are exploring its historical monuments or simply enjoying a breathtaking sunset over the Adriatic Sea, Dubrovnik welcomes you with open arms, ready to enchant you with its timeless elegance. Prepare yourself for an experience that will leave you breathless and etched in your most precious memories.

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