Guide in Athens

Visit Athens with a local English speaking guide

English Guide in Athens To get to know one of Europe's most visited capitals in a short time and in depth, we recommend the English-speaking tourist guide service in Athens. An expert of the city is at your disposal to help you discover the most important monuments and the most fascinating districts. In fact, what often happens to those who visit the capital in just a few days is that the best is overlooked, and this is because the place is not yet known, or simply because there is often not enough time between the busy schedules of everyday life to find out about it before leaving on a trip. Athens is not a mere capital, but the cradle of civilization and democracy. It is an enchanted place, where the ancient meets the modern and merges into a perfect mix, which you can appreciate in all its glory by choosing the company of an expert, who will guide you to the most beautiful places.

The convenience of a private guide service

Choosing to visit a city like Athens, so rich in monuments and areas of historical and cultural importance, with a private guide service is really the best choice a tourist eager for knowledge. In fact, by booking just one day or half a day of a guided tour, you also have the opportunity to get to know and visit much more in a short time than you would normally be able to do by yourself. Moreover, the guide is an expert at your disposal who can give you all the advice you need, for example, what to visit in the following days. The convenience of having a guide at your side does not end here, in fact being a private service means it will be reserved just for you or your family, on the day and time you choose. Therefore, the guide will be completely dedicated to you and your requirements, which rarely happens in tours shared with many participants. Moreover, moving around a city you don't know yet is not always easy, especially for those who have children and don't want to bore them with useless journeys, but want to move around in complete comfort. Moving around Athens will no longer be a problem, because it will be your guide who will advise you on the fastest routes and means of getting from one attraction to another.  

Does the guide speak English?

The tour guides that can be booked on this page are mainly English speaking, living in Athens and certified as official European guides. We also have guides of different nationalities, who are certified to conduct tours in the English language. This means that they have taken the English exam and have a very high level of the language - communication is crucial and using the language is very straightforward! 

What to visit: our suggestions 

Athens has a lot to offer its visitors, therefore you can personalise your schedule as you wish through the booking form or directly with your guide, but if you need some quick ideas then we have listed the most popular private tours.

  • ACROPOLIS TOUR + MUSEUM: During this 4-hour tour, you will climb to the top of the city at about 156 metres above sea level to visit the famous Acropolis, recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987. It is the largest archaeological site in Ancient Greece, a monument of majestic beauty, despite the numerous wars and bombings that have damaged it over the millennia. A few steps away from the majestic architectural complex, is the museum, which is home to many archaic statues, a reproduction of the Acropolis and much more.  
  • ACROPOLIS TOUR + DIONISIO'S THEATRE: As an alternative to the previous tour, you can choose to visit the Acropolis next to the remains of Dionisio's Theatre. This emblematic place is especially remembered today for having seen the birth of the Greek tragedy since it was the first venue for Dionysian celebrations, gladiatorial fights and major celebrations in general.
  • ARCHAEOLOGICAL MUSEUM TOUR + ATHENS CENTRE: This 4-hour tour combines a walk through the most picturesque and characteristic streets of the historical centre with a visit to the National Archaeological Museum of Athens, one of the most prestigious museums in the world. Inside, you will be able to admire exhibitions that tell the story of Ancient Greece from the Mycenaean period to the modern one, with a particular focus on the Hellenic period.
  • AGORA TOUR: The other symbolic place of Greek archaeology is the Agora, that is, the square that was once the centre of the social, political and commercial life of the ancient city of Athens. This timeless place is particularly damaged, but so emotionally charged that it is still considered one of the most representative places of the city. In this tour the guide will show you the objects found and guarded inside the Agora Museum and a few metres away you can also admire the famous Temple of Hephaestus. This Doric temple is one of the oldest and best preserved Greek temples in history, probably because it was converted into a Christian church.