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Portela airport taxi

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Located near the town of Portela de Sacavèm, about 8km from the historic center of the Portuguese capital. You can reach Lisbon Portela International Airport in just 20 minutes by car. this airport is the main access for anyone who decides to go to Portugal. All major airlines in the world are being able to land their aircrafts here because of its long runways. The fact that this Lusitanian country did manage to avoid taking sides during the Second World War, allowed it to build this airport in 1942, during the war. In those years, the airport was used by both the Allies and the Germans, allowing it to expand and evolve without interruption.

Today Portela Airport, remains one of the few in the world to be practically incorporated into a city. For this reason, moving to and from the airport is very easy and convenient especially for those who decide to use taxis, which is a fast and very cheap service.

Nowadays, Lisbon offers every type of attractions for every kind of traveler. Suitable for tourists, who are interested in natural parks, beaches and coastline with its breathtaking views, also to the lovers of good food, not to mention those who are traveling, searching for unbridled, wild fun.

Historic streets like Avenida de Liberdade, Rua Augusta and Rua do Carmo welcome and display elegant shops, in opposition to that type of street bazaar, which one can find in the Arabic alleyways. The visitor gets lost, wandering around majestic squares full of fountains, bars and restaurants , inviting whoever walks by. The night never ends for night lovers; nightclubs, pubs and bars that joyfully keep alive every corner of the city. June is the most beautiful and colorful month for the Lusitanian capital. Celebrations for St. Anthony of Padua (native of Lisbon), are around this period, people of Lisbon organize parades and amazing celebrations in which people from each district are dressed with traditional clothes. There are traditional dances in costume at all hours of the day and night. Another popular festival is the Summer Solstice (June 21) that lasts for the whole month.

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Portela airport taxis

So what about getting around this "Toyland"? By taxi of course! As we were saying before..... fast and cheap. Through Taxileader.net, you can choose the option Taxi-Portela. A convenient and reliable service that will allow every visitor to save time and money. You do not need to pay the full amount at once! Simply pay a small deposit in advance, pay the rest upon arrival at Portela, where the driver of your choice will be waiting for you, with a sign bearing your name,

Today, most of the vacationers who decide to travel by public transport, will spend more money, with the risk of getting away rather than closer to the place they intend to reach. The service "Portela Airport Taxi" has not any additional cost. When you meet the conditions of service, the price agreed at time of booking will never be altered, nor for delays or night service. Deciding to rely on Taxileader means more time for your holidays. Enjoy your time there!

Book a transfer from and to Portela airport Located near the town of Portela de Sacavèm, about 8km from the historic

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