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How to get from Barajas Airport to Madrid

A comparison of the transport options from Barajas Airport to central Madrid

In this article you will find a quick comparison of the different means of transport which you can choose to take you from Barajas Airport to the centre of Madrid as well as all the information a tourist might need to know in order to make the best possible arrangements for your arrival in the Spanish capital. Reduce your waiting time at the airport and choose in advance which transport option is best suited to your requirements. Hereunder you will be able to do a simple check of the timetables, prices and the stops on each of the modes of transport that connect the airport with the centre of the city.  

If you want to opt for a really comfortable journey without any waiting time, then our advice is to book a private taxi service in advance. This means that you will be collected by a driver, (who will be showing a card with the client's name on it), as you come through the doors of the arrivals hall in the terminal.  Travelling straight to your destination is always the most comfortable and convenient way in which to start your holiday but, this may also be the only solution if you have a flight either very early in the morning or very late at night when the public transport networks are no longer in service. But, why should you book a taxi in advance?  It is easy to organise your transfers in advance which will mean that you pay a fixed price and won't have to worry about a dishonest driver potentially lengthening the journey in order to earn a higher fare.  In addition to this, if you are travelling with your family or a group of friends, a private taxi is also one of the most economical means of transport with prices starting at just €10.00 per person, depending on the number of people travelling. To book, click on: Madrid Airport Taxi.

A car journey from Barajas Airport to Madrid is around 18 kilometres to the city centre

Comparison of average prices for different modes of transport at Madrid Airport


From 12€

  • 25 minutes
  • Available: 24 hours a day



  • 30 minutes
  • Available: 6:00 - 02:00



  • From 40 minutes
  • Availability: 05:00 - 23:30

From Barajas Airport to Madrid's City Centre by Private Taxi

Despite being a modern, cosmopolitan city with a variety of different means of public transport such as, an efficient metro, a wide range of buses and plenty of public taxis, quite often these aren't enough to satisfy the needs of the significant number of people who are using Barajas airport on a daily basis.  In fact, it can often happen that you experience the inconvenience of having to wait a long time for a public taxi that's free or having to use buses and trains that are really crowded. The long waiting times and having to struggle with heavy luggage from one means of transport to another definitely isn't the best way in which to start your visit to the splendid capital of Spain. Out of all the means of transport that are available, a Private Taxi is undoubtedly the most convenient (and comfortable) solution for anyone who wants to travel without any worries. You can book your Private Taxi in advance on this website meaning that a driver will collect all the passengers from inside the airport building (by the doors of the arrivals hall), he will be holding up a sign with the client's name on it for easy recognition.  Start your long-awaited holidays in the best possible way: travel to your accommodation without any stops or changes of transport, without any stress and without having to worry about carrying heavy suitcases.

HOW MUCH DOES A TAXI COST FROM Barajas Airport to central Madrid?

Unlike the normal public taxis, transfers with a private taxi are charged based on the actual destination and not on the journey time. Thanks to this system, the capital's heavy traffic and potentially dishonest drivers won't be a concern. You will know the price in advance and this will be locked in upon confirmation of your booking.  Undoubtedly the safest and most convenient way to travel from the airport to your accommodation in Madrid's city centre is to book a Private Taxi in Madrid now.

Examples of Private Taxi charges

From €38.70 (€9.67 per person) with a 4 seater

How the Taxi Service at a fixed price works

The service is available 24 hours a day

Book in advance on-line,
for the time that you require

The service is available 24 hours a day

Pick-Up from Barajas

When you come out of the doors into the Arrivals Hall, you will find your driver waiting for you with a sign showing the name given on the reservation

The balance will be paid in cash to the driver

You only pay a small initial deposit
in order to secure the booking

The balance will be paid in cash to the driver

Average journey time is 80 minutes

Private service directly to your accommodation

The advantages of booking a Private Taxi

The fares for a private taxi are calculated based on distance and not on journey time. This has the advantage of providing a fixed cost as well as not having to worry about potentially dishonest drivers who may lengthen the route in order to earn a higher fare.


Bookings: Ensure that your booking is made at least 24 hours prior to the desired transfer time. The booking can be made on-line 24 hours a day or via the English speaking Customer Service Team between 09:00 and 18:00.

Having collected any luggage that was checked in, come through the doors into the arrivals hall and your driver will be waiting for you, holding up a sign with your name on it.

A small deposit is payable in advance in order to secure the booking.  The balance is payable in cash to the driver.  Many of the drivers are unable to take card payments so please ensure that you have enough cash on you in order to avoid any delays. 

Your driver will await your arrival even if your flight is delayed.  In the event of delays or flight cancellations, we would request that you advise us by sending a message to the emergency number which you will find on your booking confirmation.


What could be better than travelling directly to your end destination? Choose the fastest and most comfortable service!

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From Barajas Airport to Central Madrid by Metro

In second place on our list of different modes of transport from the airport to the centre of Madrid, is the Metro. The Metro's Line 8 (coloured pink), stops at all the terminals in the very large Barajas airport (including Terminal T4). The airport is well connected to the end of the line at Nuevos Ministerios which has a journey time of around 20 minutes with a service that operates from 06:00 in the morning until 02:00 at night. The price of a ticket is €4.40 but, take care: for some of the routes it will be necessary to buy another ticket. What is important is to check in advance which is the best stop at which to change in order to reach your accommodation. You can download the routes and the timings here: METRO SCHEDULE

Route map for the Metro Line 8 from Barajas Airport:



One-way ticket: 5.00€


From MADRID: 06:05 - 02:00 / From BARAJAS: 06:00 - 02:00


The journey time will obviously depend on which stop you need to get off at.  On average, the journey time is around 15 to 20 minutes and it takes about 60 minutes to reach the end of the line at Nuevos Ministerios.


In order to organise your holiday well, we suggest that you download a map of the main places of interest in the city and their corresponding Metro stops: Madrid Metro Map

We remind you to pay attention to your personal belongings (as is the case on all means of public transport) and ensure you do not leave them unattended at any time.

From Madrid Airport to the city centre by Bus

Another transport system for travelling from Madrid Airport to the centre of the city is the bus and, more specifically: the Express Line buses 101 and 200. The bus can be really convenient but only if your accommodation is in the same area as the end of the line. Otherwise, as is the case with the Metro, it will be necessary to take another form of transport which will take you as close as possible to the address of the hotel or accommodation where you are staying.

Express Line

The Express bus which leaves from Terminals T1, T2 and T4, takes about 40 minutes to reach the end of the line, in other words, Atocha station, where you can transfer to bus numbers 14, 19, 26, 32, C1 and C2, or to the Metro's L1. The price of a single ticket is €5.00 and this can be purchased on board. The service runs every 15 to 20 minutes.


PRICES for the Express Bus

A one-way ticket costs €5.00

JOURNEY TIME with the Express Bus

The average journey time is around 30 minutes to get from T1, 35 minutes from T2 and 40 minutes from T4.


From 06:00 to 23.45 (approximately).

The N° 200 Bus

Bus Number 200 departs from terminals T1, T2 and T3 every 15 to 20 minutes.  The price per trip is €1.50 and the end of the line is the AVENIDA DE AMÉRICA stop, where you can change services on to the Bus numbers 12, C1, C2 or the Metro L4, L6, L7 and L9. To check the timetables and the stops: BUS 200 SCHEDULE.

The N° 101 Bus

Bus Number 101 departs from Terminals T1 and T2, costs €1.50 and the end of the line is at Canillejas where you can change services to the Bus numbers 77, 114, 115 and 140 or the Metro L5. To check the timetables and the stops:  BUS 101 SCHEDULE.

Route map for the buses from Barajas airport to central Madrid:


PRICES for Buses 200 and 101

A one-way ticket costs €1.50

JOURNEY TIMES for the Number 200 and 101 buses

The average journey time is around 30 minutes

OPERATING TIMES for the Number 200 and 101 Buses

The Number 101 bus operates from 06:00 to approximately 23:30 whereas the Number 200 bus operates from 05:00 to 23:30.


Downloading the App for the public buses can make travelling much easier throughout your stay in the Spanish capital.  Download it here: Madrid bus App.

It is possible to purchase tickets on board the bus from the driver but you need to bear in mind that they will not accept notes with a value greater than €20.00.

Questions and Answers regarding airport transports

Barajas Airport is 28 kilometres from the centre of the Spanish capital. The modes of public transport available to travellers are: the Metro, regular buses and taxis. A private taxi or a car will take around 20 to 25 minutes in normal traffic.


What could be better than travelling directly to your end destination? Choose the fastest and most comfortable service!

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