Tickets for the Reina Sofia Art Museum

Visit one of the world's most highly rated museums, the Reina Sofía National Art Centre 

Tickets for the Reina Sofia Museum

Buy your entry tickets now for the Reina Sofía National Museum of Art and on the day of your visit, you will be able to "skip the queues" with your priority access.  Let yourself be amazed by the beauty of the works belonging to world famous artists such as Picasso, Dalí and Miró, all housed together in an exceptional setting.  In the 1700's, the building was actually a hospital which has now become one of the most prestigious museums of modern contemporary art in the world.


Bear in mind that: 

  An Adult entry ticket costs €8.90;

  Average duration of a visit is around 2 hours;

  Entry tickets include "skip the queue"; 

  Entry tickets are available immediately on your smartphone;

  Recommended visiting times: before 11am and after 13:30;

  You choose when to start your visit and how much time you wish to spend inside the museum; 

  Open every day except on Tuesdays and some public holidays;

  We recommend that you purchase your entry tickets in advance.  

Some interesting facts... 

The Reina Sofía National Art Centre is one of the world's most famous museums of contemporary and modern art.  The building was originally a hospital in the 18th century that was subsequently restructured and converted into a museum in 1992. 
The collections that are on display inside the museum cover the 19th century to the present day and include great relief works such as: 

  • The Bottle of Anis by Gris (1914): this work is considered to be one of the first and most important examples of the collage technique;
  • A World by Ángeles Santos (1929): this piece inspired the great poets such as García Márquez and is one of the first surrealist works which endeavours to represent a magical reality; 
  • Guernica by Picasso (1937): this isn't just one of the most celebrated works by the artist but is one of the most famous works in the history of art in general;
  • The Great Masturbator by Dalí (1929): this painting represents an autobiographical reflection on the artist's emotional and erotic transformation;
  • Man with a Pipe by Mirò (1925): in this work, the famous surrealist artist transforms the canvas into a magnetic field, removing the horizon and perspectives; 
  • Bicho by Lygia Clark (1960-1973): the works by this Brazilian artist aim to represent a more social dimension in art and the healing and emotional relationship that they engender in the viewer; 
  • The Trumpets of Judgement by Michelangelo Pistoletto (1968): this is one of the most famous works of the artistic movement known as "Poor Art."; 

How to buy tickets online

  • Select the date on the calendar on which you wish to make your visit; 
  • Insert the time at which you would like your visit to start (at 30 minute intervals) and click on the button "Book Now." 
  • Choose the type of ticket you want and how many; 
  • Fill in the booking details or log-in with Facebook or Google; 
  • Effect payment via your preferred method and receive the tickets immediately to your email address; 
  • On the day of your visit, just show your entry tickets on your smartphone at the entrance to the Reina Sofía Museum. 
What's included 

  Entries with "Skip the Queue" and priority access; 

   The visit can last as long as you like;

  Entry tickets on your smartphone are acceptable;

  Visit both the permanent and temporary collections; 

  Product Code:  TCK-ML;

  The Reina Sofia Museum is open every day except Tuesdays.



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