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"Hi everybody,

I'm Anahí, born in Vigo in Spain and fluently speaking Italian and English. I have studied Italian at school, but it became my second language when I have been living for a long time in northern Italy. I am passionate about all the artistic expressions, and I love travelling, in fact, when I can, I choose to stop a few months in the places I visit so I can get to know them better. The city that I always keep in my heart is Milan, and this is one of the reasons why the Italian language has remained in my heart. About a year ago, I met Laura in the small but wonderful island of Malta, and from that moment we started writing together. Mainly I translate the articles from Italian into Spanish, a job that I love, and in many cases I also take care of personalizing them and adapting them to a Spanish audience. Because many of the articles on these web pages are focused on Italian travellers. Bye everybody!"